Original Hand Painted Suitcases

Personalised suitcase's have been a big hit this holiday season! Not only can you have a completely personalized beach bag made by Customized By Laura we have now introduced a way to travel in style to your chosen holiday destination!

Done along the same lines as are very popular jute bags, personalized suitcase's can be hand painted to look like you. There will be no mistaking who's luggage is who's at the airport! These will be so unique and personal to you.

Suitcases will be available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small cabin sized suitcases's to extra large 96 litre cases's! There will be a size to suit everybody from young children to adults.

Please see our terms and conditions for waiting times before ordering. Waiting times vary throughout the year with a minimum of 28 days during most periods. Please email us for details if your unsure on the waiting times at the time of ordering.


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