Cosmetic/Toiletries Bags

Cosmetic/Toiletries Bags

Cosmetic, Toiletries and Accessory Cases

Hand painted with a character designed by you. Choose options from each of the drop down menu's and use the other information box to write any additional information. Don't be afraid to ask for something not listed! I love a challenge and if I cant do it i will let you know! Please feel free to send in any photo's which may help too. For example of a certain outfit or hair style! Afterall this is what makes each bag unique.

No two bags will ever be the same so why not give these as a beutiful bepsoke gift to that somebody special! these make ideal gifts for every occassion.

Please Note Waiting Times On All Hand Painted Items Is Up To 28 Days. Please See our Terms And Conditions For further Information.

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