Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

A must have accessory for any Customized by Laura fan!

Customized by Laura knows how much our little ladies like everything to match and be colour co-ordinated so I have teamed up with the lovely Lisa (Facebook page - Made by Lisa (with love) Hairbows & Clips) to bring you these beautiful hand made hair accessories.

Simply choose your options from the drop down menu's for each product. Bobbles are all hand made so may vary slightly in size or colour.

We have hand made bows which are put together by the lovely & talented Becky over at Lillys glam bows on Facebook & Instagram. Becky has suppplied myself with bows for the past couple of years and I am delighted with the quality of each bow. They have survived being washed, pulled, tugged, stomped on you name it! ha! So when I was looking for a bow maker to help expand our collection there was no one other than Becky I would want on the job. Perfect, top quality bows is what you can expect. I aim to have Bobbles/clips posted out within 14 days of your order being processed. This time may vary depending on how busy Becky is. Holidays such as half terms, Easter and Christmas may cause the waiting time to be a little longer.

The characters used in the centre of each bobble/clip are designed & owned by Customized By Laura. You can choose the hair and eye colour for each character.

If you would like bows making for special occasions without the character in the centre please contact me, we will be happy to help.

*Copyright protected 2013 - Customized by Laura

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