A Collection Of Bags & Accessories Ideal For School & Teachers.

Customized by Laura aims to bring you the widest collection of personalised bags. Everything from Messengers to Rucksacks to Book Bags! Designs for girls and for boys.

Certain designs are available to be hand painted with a completely unique character design whilst others are available to be printed with one of our specially designed and copyrighted little miss and little mr characters. All abgs come complete with a name making it easy for your little one to spot there own bag. They are all finshed off with ribbon bows and plenty of glittler and sparkle. *Boys bags do not come with ribbon bows and glitter but it can be added just let us know.

You will find all the material details and measurements for each item under the item descriptions.

Please allow up to 28 days for all orders to be shipped. We do aim to have all orders out as quickly as possible but hand painted items can take a little longer than printed items. Busy times of the year include easter, school holidays and christmas. Please email us if you have any queries.


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